NUS Day of Service 2019

Every year, the NUS economics alumni joins the rest of NUS in the Day of Service, and this year was no different. On the afternoon of 7 September 2019, we headed to Sengkang Community Hospital to chat with the patients, as well entertain them with games.

Sengkang Community Hospital has a variety of volunteering opportunities, including conserving and contributing to the greenery of the hospital by helping with garden activities, helping out with community events, livening up the atmosphere in the wards through a variety of arts such as music, guiding visitors and patients around the hospital, and also reading and chatting with patients. Volunteers can even play mahjong with the patients there!

After a short briefing by the hospital staff, we headed off to the wards to chat with patients and keep them company. We talked to the patients and their families, and also facilitated some activities with the patients such as colouring. We also helped to distribute some small souvenirs to the patients.